Alfred Bofenheiser

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Alfred Bofenheiser is the Vice-Grand Admiral of Earthfleet, and Grand Admiral Mike Clayton's first officer, ruling over the entirety of Earthfleet as its second most senior officer. Alfred is Mike's right hand man in nearly all of his command decisions, and quite often holds down the fort at home, and in Command One when Mike is not around to do the job himself, for whatever reason that may be. Alfred is also next in line to take over as Grand Admiral should something ever happen to Mike, be that death or retirement. Eventually though, Mike does retire, leading to Alfred taking over the position himself for a number of years before retiring himself and letting someone else take the position. However, unlike Mike, Alfred is a pragmatist, and approaches many of his decisions in a very black and white manner, whereas Mike is better skilled at working within the gray areas of operation, making him a superb officer, and politician as well, although he denies his skills in the latter. But, simply because Alfred sees the world in shades of black and white, it doesn't mean he's not a great military commander.