Sedago Nordham

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Chancellor Sedago Nordham is the leader of the Brayburn Society and is overseer of the Society's vast resource and intellectual power. He is also the commander in chief of Earthfleet, although he tends to remain mostly hands off with its operation, leaving that responsibility in the hands of Grand Admiral Mike Clayton, who has proven himself to be more than capable of leading the fleet wherever it needs to go. Nordham then, in turn, indirectly answers to the council, a group of individuals, each elected by each of their respective colonies, and sent to Command Core to oversee operations and life within the Society, and to make it as conducive to scientific progress as possible. His position is not one that is won by popular vote, but is chosen by a vote of the council, and can be equally revoked should the need arise. Thus, keeping in good relations with them is important to ensuring one keeps their job as Chancellor.