Earth Perimeter

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The Earth Perimeter is an ultra massive, multi-layer defensive shield deployed in the immediate area around Earth, just beyond the orbit of the Moon, directly within the primary area of responsibility for Command Core and is one of the three primary inner system defensive sheilds created to provide an extra layer of protection for Earth, acting as the last line of defense in the protection of Earth. It is joined in its work by the Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Sol Perimeters. It is one of five replacements build by the Brayburn Society to replace the flawed and failed Oort and Kuiper Perimeters, and is built from their recycled parts, gathered together as first the Oort, and later the Kuiper perimeters were deactivated, disassembled, and their parts then brought into the inner solar system to be redeployed as part of the new shield perimeters there.