Joel Pendleton

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Lieutenant Joel "Weed" Pendleton is the helmsman and pilot of the Sergenious under the command of Grand Admiral Mike Clayton. He is considered the single best pilot in all of Earthfleet, and perhaps even in her entire history. His skill as a starship pilot is unrivaled among his peers. Joel, however, is also a brash and abrasive individual, and perhaps a tad bit arrogant, but it's this pretentious and overbearing personality that drives him to seek excellence in all he does. This same attitude, later on, becomes a major asset to him as his systematic, yet friendly rivalry witt Inductee Robert "Dutch" Collins, leads to his eventual rise to the rank of Grand Admiral, following in the footsteps of his friend and mentor, Mike Clayton, and beating out Dutch for the position, for which they ultimately compete in a heated, yet friendly competition to see who can get the job first. His non-nonsense attitude to all things also helps him lead Earthfleet through some very tough times, including the events of Dark Earth that all unfold under his command.