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The Pegasus class is the third in a long and well respected line of Earthfleet Shipkiller combat vessels, and also the largest of all shipkillers. However, just like with the Skipjack, only a handful were ever made as the ship, while big and powerful, was ultimately deemed a failure because, due to its size, it lost all of the advantages that made the Sergenious and Samurai class such great ships, including high speed and maneuverability. The Pegasus carried a standard crew compliment of 15, whereas the previous two shipkillers only required a total crew of 9. Due to its much slower speed and weaker performance, its only real tactical advantage was that it possessed significantly more firepower than either the Sergenious or Samurai classes combined. However, even this advantage was not enough to justify continuing to build more than the initial run of 20 ships. The class served a brief, but lackluster career, and was eventually retired, along with the Skipjack class.

Notable Events

While the Pegasus class didn't have a great career, and became somewhat of a laughing stock within the fleet, the flagship vessel of the fleet, the Pegasus herself, did see combat at least twice in her career, both times of which she did very well. But even then she was considered a tactical failure, having suffered far more damage, and having done too little good, to be considered within the fleet for long term service.

Weapons and Internal Layout

The Pegasus, just like the Samurai before it, carries a compliment of weapons and defenses similar to the Sergenious, but easily two times greater than the Samurai for defensive capabilities, and three times more than the Sergenious in offensive firepower. As for the internal layout, it sports five decks, rather than the the typical three of the Sergenious and Samurai classes. The rest of the ship's general layout very closely mimics the Sergenious and Sarmurai in design.