Phyland Renwald

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Phyland Renwald is the chief galactic diplomat for Sol Space to the wider galaxy, operating first out of the UGW homeworld of Sebius, as a diplomat there, and later in the ASW after the fall of the UGW. His close friend and fellow diplomat Finch follows him nearly everywhere he goes, and does many things to help him in his efforts to protect Earth, seek peace within the galaxy (and most especially for Earth), and do it all within a universe where corruption, prejudice and rivalry are very prolific. His two office assistants, who also secretly work for Fleet Intelligence, are Julius and Mary. They also double as his body guards.

Of all the Ambassadors on Sebius that Phyland has to deal with regularly, one of the races he despises the most is the Ahaktak because they are so annoying, and pushy, and will not take no for an answer, even if what they have is something nobody wants.