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The Samurai class is the second generation of Earthfleet starships classified as shipkillers that were designed with the intention of improving on, and eventually replacing, the Sergenious class as Earthfleet's primary front line defensive starship. However, despite their best intentions, that didn't quite work as planned as the Samurai's increased size (about 25% larger than the Sergenious) and weight slowed the ship down and made it less maneuverable than its predecessor. But, all hope was not lost as a unique niche and supporting roll was found for the Samurai class, making it an excellent companion to the Sergenious in the defense of Earth, doing for the Sergenious what it couldn't do, and vice versa. The Samurai also supports stronger defenses and heavier fire power, making it essentially the bigger, more powerful sibling.


The stock Samurai configuration, body design, weapons, shields, defenses, sensors, etc are all the same as the Sergenious, save that they are 25% larger and more powerful than what the Sergenious carries. The ship still sports a crew of nine, but due to its larger size, there is more interior room for the crew, making long term missions more comfortable than they otherwise would be on the Sergenious. Although it's not as roomy as the Pegasus, it's still comfortably spacious in all of the crew areas.

Known Ships in this Class