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The Wolfpack is a 4th generation Shipkiller, and one of two in its category that were built to replace the aging Sergenious and Samurai class shipkillers that preceded them. The Wolfpack class, unlike other previous shipkillers, is designed to work in tandem with the Raven class, allowing each ship's strengths to offset the weaknesses of its companion, making the two ships into an even stronger whole. The Wolfpack, and its companion, the Raven, are the first shipkillers in Earthfleet history to sport the new Linear Hyperdrive FTL flight system that replaces the aging and troubled Coaxial Drive FTL flight system used on the older shipkillers. The Raven and the Wolfpack both also sport a much leaner, more efficient design, employing what is known as a 4x1 crew system, with a standard compliment of five people, unlike previous designs that required between nine and fifteen.

These include the pilot, tactical officer, engineer, operations officer, all of whom surround a commander who sits in the middle of them. The operations officer, who handles all operations related tasks, such as sensors, communications and more, has an added roll on the ship, as they can also assist the engineer or the tactical officer in special times of need, or be a second set of eyes/hands for the helmsman if the need arises. The design is also beneficial to the fleet, as it eases the issues of manpower shortages that plague Earthfleet for many, many years after The Battle of the Haven by reducing the required crew size of each ship without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness.

Known Ships in this Class

  • Wolfpack