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The Crassians are a race of humans, specifically those from Ancient Rome, who were kidnapped in the 1st century AD by the Ichigwa, studied for a time, and then dumped off on the planet of Crassia where they were left to fend for themselves. Over time they grew strong and numerous and, through the interactions of passing traders, gained the power of space flight, among other things. However, because of their isolation, they never lost their Roman nature and, over time, dreams of conquering the entirety of Earth, and the galaxy, emerged. It was under the leadership of Emperor Phillip Augustus that the Crassians eventually began to take the first steps towards completing this goal. However, it was also under his leadership that they were ultimately defeated, and subsequently exterminated from existence.


The Crassians have several different nicknames across the galaxy, which partially depends on either the region or species in which they are known. Their two most common aliases are the Ran'Pak and the Teifar, both of which roughly translate to "World of Savages", denoting their barbaric way of living, including the ancient Gladiatorial games and other Romanesque habits or traditions, despite being technologically advanced and space faring. After it is discovered that they are the main driving force behind most of the recent unrest in the galaxy, races everywhere begin referring to them as Gicall.

Known Crassians