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Planetfall is a follow-on novel series to The Offworld Chronicles and picks up the story of Simon Williams and his team after they return to Earth, what it was like to return, and how they tried to find some semblance of normalcy. However, while they're getting adjusted to life as usual again, back on Offworld, things are going badly for those left behind as the planet of Offworld is an unstable world, and with the controllers now gone, and having taken all their technology with them when they left, the planet is beginning the slow, painful process of tearing itself apart. So, with the help of the Chief Director of the now defunct Section 17, and his remaining loyal servants, as well as Maul Ratinar, and The Dragons of Offworld, they hatch a plan to rescue the residents of Offworld by transporting them to Ember, a long abandoned controller world that both preceded, and was the template for Offworld, centuries ago. However, Ember is in no way setup or ready to receive the over ten million inhabitants still living on Offworld. So Maul, the Chief Director, and the Dragons, bring back many of the greatest adventurers of The Race of Offworld, which includes Simon's team, and then send them to Ember to prepare the planet for the arrival of Offworld's entire population. However, when Simon and the others arrive, they discover a fantastical and incredible world unlike anything they ever imagined possible. It is also a world so abandoned and forgotten that they will struggle to get everything ready in time to safely, and successfully, bring over all of the inhabitants of Offworld to their new home.