Ariana Peterson

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Name: Ariana (Aria) Peterson
Occupation: Thief, Street Urchin
Home: South Side of Chicago
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'4"
Spiritual Gift: Discernment
Abduction Date: One week before Simon
Alliances: Simon's Team

Ariana "Aria" Peterson is a street smart young girl from the South Side of Chicago who is the third child in a family of seven, and was kicked out of her house at about the age of 12 where she was forced to become a thief in order to survive and take care of herself because she refused to "put out" or do anything else that would've earned her a comfortable living, choosing instead to run with other girls like herself and steal wherever she could in order to survive. However, even then, her life is extremely difficult as always been treated as a burden and a bother, and comes from a dirt poor family of seven. Even on Offworld, she is treated like a burden, and eventually abandoned by her team and left to starve. She then encounters Simon's team, where she tries to steal their food, only to be stopped by Trevor, whom she eventually falls in love with later on. However, at first they begin their relationship at odds with each other until they discover just how similar their stories are, and that they're even from the same area and have similar histories.

Aria holds a special place in Simon's team. Even though she starts out as just another member of the team, over time she gradually becomes like a daughter to Simon, and he becomes like a dad to her; something that she never really had growing up. She comes to the planet as an atheist, never having known God, but later on, after seeing Simon's strong faith, and after speaking with Trevor, she accepts Christ and becomes a believer. Later on in the journey, when the team is given a gift of horses, she adopts a young stallion whom she names Elliot who becomes her personal horse throughout the rest of the course.

Concept Art

Below is a piece of concept art for the character:

Aria facial expressions.jpg

The artwork above was done by Don Semora.