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Name: Caleb
Species: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Specialties: Hunting, Tracking, Combat
Responsibilities: Leader of a legion of angels
Alliances: God

Caleb is a senior angel and commander of an entire legion of God's angels that operates across the length of Offworld and provides support and protection for whoever God assigns him to protect. He and his men also frequently battle demons on the planet to keep them in check. He's one of several commanders of legions operating on the planet. Shortly after Simon arrives on the planet, Caleb and a portion of his men are reassigned to Simon's protection during his stay on the planet. He's not seen visibly very often, but he works quite often in the background, beyond the mortal eyes of men. In the few times when he does appear visibly, it's to relay a message to Simon and his team. Otherwise he and his men work in the background out of sight of those they're protecting.