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The Horde is an army of cybernetic creatures created by and ruled over by the Margog. It consists of four basic types of creatures: Garac, Imp, Vergon and Geffen. These creatures are organized into legions of ten thousand each and fight their battles in a rage berzerker style, overwhelming the enemy with sheer numbers. The estimated total number of Horde believed to exist tops 8 million. The Horde, while a seemingly unstoppable force, also has an Alkalies Heel. Fearing their strength, and that they might turn on him some day, the Margog installed a kill script within their design that, should he ever die, they will all die as well. As such, the Horde are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that he lives and survives, no matter what, causing them to form a nearly impenetrable ring of protection around him at all times. However, despite their best efforts, this ring of protection will fail, and the Margog destroyed, ultimately causing the entirety of the Horde to destroy itself in one fateful, fiery, terrifying conflagration.

Named Members of the Horde

Creatures of the Horde

  • A Geffen is a massive, brutish creature, and the largest of the Horde army. They stand approximately 7' tall and are easily twice the size of an average Vergon and have massive, powerful arms and hands like battering rams, and are considered the heavy infantry of the Horde army. Their specialty is smashing and bashing whatever they can get their hands on. Also, due to their size, Geffen are the slowest of all the Horde, and also the most vulnerable because of this. As such, they are often directly supported and protected by the other three classes of Horde solder as they are a valuable and indispensable unit. They are also the least common of the four types by a good measure.
  • An Imp, as the name implies, is a short, impish creature, with a body and face similar to demonic Imps. They stand about 3' tall, and is a member of the Horde, and both answers to and serves the Margog as part of his army. Imps are roughly considered the "light infantry" of the Horde as they are the weakest and smallest of the four classes of Horde.
  • A Vergon is a creature of the Horde and serves their creator, the Margog. Vergon are large, troll like creatures and are considered the medium infantry of the Horde army. They stand roughly 6 feet tall, and are thickly muscled, strong, and powerful fighters. They are the workhorse of the Horde forces and the most common of all the Horde, save only for the Imps.
  • A Garac is a large, pterodactyl like, black, leathery skinned member of the Horde and is its primary air wing and air defense for the entire army of the Margog. Garac are large, about 5-6' tall when standing upright, and are vicious, powerful fighters, both in the air, and on the ground. While not the strongest of the horde, they are still a force to be reckoned with.