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Name: Jenna
Occupation: Unemployed Single Mom
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Home: Los Angeles, CA
Height: Unknown
Character in: Jenna's Journey

Jenna is a single mom living in Los Angeles, California during the height of the economic crash in late 2008 to early 2009. During this time she suffers great loss, including her husband, job, home, and pretty much everything but a junky old car, her two kids, and a handful of possessions. The rest of it she either loses, or is forced to sell off in order to feed her family. In the middle of all this, when things couldn't possibly get worse, God sends her on a journey, thousands of miles across the USA, through a various series of trials and blessings, to a little town in Northern Michigan named Newberry, where a Godly woman whom God has prepared awaits them.