Jenna's Journey

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Title: Jenna's Journey
Cover Artist: Don Semora
Genre: Christian Fiction
Publication Date: August 2015
Media Types: Ebook, Print
ISBN: 978-1311589514 (ebook) 978-1940155258 (Print)

Jenna's Journey is a small Christian novelette written in a two part story title, each one showing the story of Jenna and her young family from two different viewpoints, through which one can see, understand and learn the many ways that God intercedes in our lives and blesses, watches over and cares for us every day.

Book Summary

The story itself centers around two different groups of people, and their unique viewpoints as they interact with a young mother named Jenna, and her two children, as they are sent halfway across the country on a journey to a new life by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Through her journey, her experiences, and the experiences of those who interact with her, you will see demonstrated the power of faith, prayer, and the hand of God in the midst of the seemingly everyday events of our lives.

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From Barnes and Nobles:
Great book! (5 stars)
1378 days ago
It was a great read amazing how God moves in the lives of those who trust Him and love Him.