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Meshua is both a divine being, and acts as a Messiah type character to the story. In many ways he's similar to what Aslan was to the world of Narnia, but in a scifi setting. His direct rival, and former servant Negago is both his enemy, and a former server who fell into evil and became king of Verok as well. Meshua's personality is very kind, loving and fatherly, almost Christ like, although he is NOT in any way the true Christ, although he shares some similarities. His war against Negago is now many millennia old, and is fought, not personally, but through proxies who do the fighting for him for the most part. Some of these include tabions, machines and a variety of other creatures and sentient lifeforms. Rarely does he interject himself into the war between himself and Negago, except when the latter threatens to or violates the rules of engagement agreed upon by the two at the beginning of their war.