Burgon Lions

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The Burgon Lions is the family name for all 656 of the sentient, cybernetic lions created by Edias Burgon in the years leading up to the Gorg War. Their initial construction was funded by Ferrel Black, and their rebuilding and upgrades following his fall by the government, and then eventually Breakman himself. The family hierarchy consists of Tgegani as their primary leader, The Original Five as their secondary leaders, and then the rest of the family below them, each of whom operates in two lion teams, with one male and one female lion in each team. (Note: While they do not physically possess any form of true gender, aside from obvious physical traits such as their manes and primary body structures, each lion is assigned their own gender primarily for grammatical and esthetic purposes.) The Burgon Lions are also strong supporters and defenders of the Yigzan people.