Edias Burgon

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Dr. Edias Burgon is the creator of Tgegani and “father” of the Burgon Lions. He is a master genius robotics scientist and lauded by his colleagues for his brilliance, while at the same time being shunned for his forward thinking ideas.


Edias Burgon has always been a brilliant man. But he didn't start out as a robotics scientist. When he first entered college he wasn't sure what he wanted to do with his life. He spent several years taking classes in no one particular major before finally settling on engineering. After completing his master's degree, he went on to work as an architect, and was responsible for designing and building the Cranamian Tower in Central City. He loved his job exceedingly. But he still felt as though he was missing something. So he went back to college. Engineering was a fulfilling career for him, but he wanted more. So he took classes in chemistry and got a master's degree in that. Then, about that time, robotics became big. He immediately fell in love with it and came back to complete yet a third masters degree. This was unheard of at the college and some of the instructors weren't sure he should do it. But the director saw a passion in him for robotics, and with his duel masters in engineering and chemistry, he felt that Burgon was better equipped to lead a revolution in the new field than anyone else. And a revolution he led, for certain. After working for 10 years in the college robotics lab, he was hired by Ferrel Black, who was interested in the doctor's Tgegani project.

Later on, just before the Gorg War began, conscripted by the army as a military scientist, and order to take his lion project and turn it into a military weapon. While he wasn't keen about the idea, he willingly accepted the orders with the best interests of his people in mind. Eventually he succeeded at creating his lion, but it was Meshua who ultimately made Tgegani and the other lions possible, giving each one of them both a soul, which brought them life, and sentience, so that they could become the proxies and saviors of their people, as well as the world. Burgon also inherited a sentient, talking female snow tiger named Persia, who became Tgegani's unofficial mother, and who nurtured him through his formative days, weeks and months, and helped him grow into the great and noble warrior, leader and hero he would later become. He also helped give birth to Breakman, one of the greatest additions to the Burgon family, second only to Tgegani. He would then go on to do many other great things, and even give up his life trying to save his people from death and slavery at the hands of his once benevolent benefactor, Ferrel Black.