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Persia is a sentient female snow tiger, owned by Dr. Edias Burgon (whom she calls "dad") and the adoptive mother of the Burgon Lions. She is the byproduct of an experiment in genetic modification that merged Yigzan and snow tiger DNA together. This blending gave Persia incredible intelligence, the ability to speed, the ability to learn quickly, and many other incredible traits. However, due to the illegal nature of her creation, she, along with the rest of her litter, were scheduled for termination to hide their existence. However, Rose Sehgtra‏‎ felt compassion for the little snow tiger and saved her, the only one of her litter mates, from certain death, and gave her as a gift to Burgon, who happily accepted her as his pet. Although, if you ask her, she will say that she will absolutely reject the idea and say that she is not anyone's pet. :) She, along with her owner, die in a massive explosion at Ferrel Black's northern research facility while trying to save their people from the evil, diabolial clutches of Ferrel Black and his plans of subjugation of the Yigzan.