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The Yigzan are the descendants of the once great Ahbranai houses, and still carry with them the same drive and craving for knowledge and learning just as their ancestors did.


The Yigzan began life as Ahbranai settlers who came to the outer rim world of Braisail; a system that was beyond the borders of the Commonwealth, and thus beyond the control of the great Ahbranai houses that ruled it. With them they brought their servants, the Vegori, who would shed their formerly servile name, and become known as the Gorg, and the Isagi, who would also shed their name of servitude, and become the Sattazin. Shortly after this, to prevent the old ways of slavery and tyranny from returning, the three races separated, each moving to their own lands and becoming their own free, independent people. They also began to give up their old, highly technological ways of life and turned to the ancient, simple, rustic ways of living until all of the technology of their ancestors faded away into memory. However, life would not remain this way forever. In the Royal Year of 948, Tgegani and his friends arrived from the future, sent there by Meshua himself, to set the Yigzan people back on the path to science, technology and discovery again.

For two years they worked, slowly introducing the Yigzan once again to the wonders of science and technology. Eventually, after the Midazin rebellion, and their subsequent exile, the age of the kings ended, and the age of discovery began anew at The Great Awakening. After this, over the next twelve hundred years, the Yigzan pulled themselves out of an early iron age civilization into a space age one of great wonder, discovery and knowledge, from which was born the Burgon Lions, both their descendants, and their saviors as well. Eventually, though, events turned against the Yigzan, and in the early 1300's AGW (after great awakening) they were forced to leave their home of over two centuries and return to their ancestral people, the Ahbranai, among the stars on a new home specially prepared for them, bringing many of the Gorg and Sattazin along with them as friends.

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