Dr. Slao

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Dr. Barrett Slao is a Yigzan scientist and robotics engineer, and associate of Dr. Edias Burgon. He is responsible for aiding Burgon in creating the Burgon Lions, even though he stood strongly in opposition of robotic sentience at the time. Later he would go on to lead a team of scientists tasked with creating a shape shifting material whose intended purposes were for a variety of industrial and military applications. However, the material became sentient and went on a rampage, killing many of his team members before it was stopped. Afterwards the project was cancelled, classified and locked away where it would never see the light again. However, in his pride, Slao insisted that he could correct his previous errors and make a proper, save, working version of the material without the same issues as before. So he packed up all his things and fled to the Eastern Continent where he once again attempted to recreate the material, only to have it become sentient again and nearly kill him. He only escaped alive when his other droids saved his life, driving the creature away.

After this second, and nearly fatal failure, he gave up on the project and turned to other exploits. Unfortunately, the creature that escaped him grew and became stronger, eventually becoming the dark and malevolent monster known as the Margog, who built an army of creatures similar to himself, known as the Horde, with the intention of exterminating all life on the planet and claiming its entirety for himself. He in turn builds his own army, known as the Guardians, to defeat the Margog. They are ultimately successful at this task, but not without great cost. After the defeat of the Margog, Slao swears off all further work in robotics and becomes a guide and assistant to the countless thousands of people seeking to colonize the newly open Eastern Continent.