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The Gorg are an ogre/troll like race with many similarities to the classic fantasy villain, and equally as unintelligent. Although, not all Gorg are dumb. There are many who prove to be quite wise. Although, the majority of them typically have below average intelligence. They are a forest dwelling race and prefer living in the deep woods, villages or small cities as opposed to how the Yigzan prefer to live in the prairie. Their nation is smaller than the Yigzan by a good third, and sits in the middle of the continent just to the eastern edge of the northern mountains. They are bordered on the west by the Yigzan, and the east by the Sattazin. Their economy relies heavily on lumber, mining, and fishing, but has a low technological base ranging in the mid 1950's spectrum. They are strongly influenced by the Midazin for several centuries, and thus anti-Yigzan, until after the Gorg when they cast off the poisonous influence of the Midazin and become friends and allies of the Yigzan once again.