Rose Sehgtra

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Rose Sehgtra is a biology and genetic scientist of the Yigzan and long time friend to Edias Burgon. She is responsible for numerous genetic and biological discoveries and breakthroughs, and is also responsible for rescuing Persia from one of her corrupt and highly unethical not long before he intended to kill her. She in turn gave Persia to Burgon who took and raised her as a daughter, despite her being a snow tiger. Rose enjoys a long and distinguished career, despite being entangled in a brief period of controversy related to her association to Dr. Fomar Drakenic, who was eventually convicted of conducting cruel and unethical experiments on animals with Rose's assistance.

Despite this, she has a very decorated and profitable career within the Yigzan nation, including going on to achieve such discoveries as a cure to Biadine's disease, a disorder that plagued many Yigzan. She eventually retired to Pomar Village where she performs one final, great act of renowned by assisting Tgegani in learning more about his family, and the questionable exploits of Dr. Jarg, which set him on the right path to learning about the Horde, and the Margog. This then helps him and his family to save the people of Braisail from almost certain annihilation by defeating this previously unknown enemy.