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Tgegani (pronounced "Teh-gah-nee") is a sentient, cybernetic lion created by Dr. Edias Burgon, and ultimately given life and intelligence by Meshua, and then later chosen as a proxy for him in his war against Negago. He is the first of three groups of lions, and the prototype around which all of the others were designed and built. Also, being the first of the lions, he becomes their leader, and he is greatly looked up to by nearly everyone on the planet, but living and machine. His closest advisors are the five lions of The Original Five who help him with the daily duties of leading a very large family of 656 cybernetic lions. He is a very noble, regal, honorable lion and one who takes his duty of protecting the Yigzan people directly, and the rest of the world by association, very seriously. And, while he enjoys living and being alive, he is more than willing at any time, without fear, to give up his life in defense of his people if he must. And he has at least once. His chosen successor, and the leader of the third batch of Burgon Lions is Pen who, being humble as he is, doesn't feel himself worthy of such an honor. Even so, Tgegani sees him as the right choice to lead the family should anything ever happen to him. He is very close friends with Meshua, and serves him in whatever he is asked to do.