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Breakman is a small humanoid service robot, about 3' tall, that is built and programmed by Edias Burgon as a friend, companion and servant to Persia while he's away long days working on his project to construct Tgegani and the other Burgon Lions. However, shortly after he's gifted to her, Meshua appears and gives both a soul, and sentience, to the little droid. He then becomes an indispensable champion and helper to the entire family, both the lions, as well as Burgon and Persia. He later becomes an official member of the family, and it's maintenance caretaker, and later still their primary monetary provider and bread winner. He's a scrappy, sarcastic, but big hearted character who cares for his family, his people, and anyone whom he sees as oppressed or wronged. He is also a technological genius in his own right, and a a strong contender for his father's title of best cybernetic scientist in all of Braisail.