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Name: Pehkek
Occupation: Vice Commander of the 5th Order
Species: Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: ~560 years old
Color: Light Orange
Home: Kestrel Weyr
Height: 8'3" at the shoulders
Specialities: Leadership
Alliances: The Dragon Corps

Pehkek is the executive officer to Garloond and handles most of the day to day administrative elements of running the 5th Order daily. He's also Garloond's right hand man in everything, including life advice, given that he's twice Garloond's age, and easily has twice as much experience in many things, even though Garloond is his superior. They are also best friends, despite their difference in age. In many ways, because of this difference in age and experience, Pehkek acts as a trusted advisor to Garloond, helping advise him on decisions that his lack of experience might make difficult.


Pehkek is the son of Avias of Kestrel Weyr. His mother is not named.