The Race

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Title: The Race
Cover Artist: Don Semora
Genre: Christian, Scifi, Survival, Adventure
Series: The Offworld Chronicles
Publication Date: August 2017
Media Types: Print (paperback) and Ebook
ISBN: 978-1370361878 (ebook)
978-1940155449 (print)
Followed By: Dragon's Gambit

The Race is book 1 in the Christian Survival Adventure series, The Offworld Chronicles and begins the story of Simon, his team, and their travels, adventures and experiences in the early parts of the race course that each of them are forced to travel along in their journey towards the end, freedom, and the opportunity to return home.

Back Cover Blurb

Forced to participate in a dangerous, 6000 mile long survival race on an alien planet, Simon and his team must overcome the trials of this new world and win the race at all costs if they are to have any hope of going home. But with lethal dangers at every turn, and numerous malevolent forces out to destroy them, it will take every ounce of their strength, and a generous dose of divine intervention, to get them safely to the end.

Reviews and Awards

The reviews and awards collected below are both reader and professional reviews, as well as any reviews the book has received that I am aware of at this moment.

From Smashwords, posted by AdeOjo Tolu: Reviewed on Oct. 22, 2017

I didn't know what to expect when I got this book as I saw "scifi, angels, fantasy". But I can say I'm very intrigued by it and has sparked up my faith in God once again. I can also safely say this is a modern day equivalent​ of the Pilgrim's Progress, except with more characters (that you can relate to). This book is a blessing. Thank you Steven, God bless!

P.S. I'm patiently waiting for the next one.

From Smashwords, posted by Yvonne Yap: Reviewed on Aug. 29, 2017

This had been a very uplifting story to me. A bit like Narnia + Hunger Game. I like all the characters and could really relate to them as I share their faith. You will either like this or need this. Hope you find something more at the end of it. Can't wait for the second installment.