Unity Empire

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The Unity Empire is one of the Four Kingdoms and an empire similar to Imperial Germany prior to WW1. It's imperial in nature and boasts a long and honored royal history of great monarchs and kings. The empire is ruled by an emperor and is located in the lower left corner of the "four corners" layout of the Four Kingdoms area, with the Sheffield Republic to its east, and the Gak Republic to its North. And, while it shares no common border with the Thorn Confederacy, it still shares a ongoing rivalry with both them, as well as Gak and Sheffield. They enjoy a semi-modern state of existence, with technology equal to that of 1940's America. However they, like the other three kingdoms, lack any aircraft, as the controllers have gone to great lengths to prevent their development, even though they have permitted the four kingdoms to build armored vehicles, tanks, artillery and other similar modern weaponry. The country also enjoys well maintained and paved roads, electricity, running water and more. It also has a very vibrant industrial infrastructure as well, but do not specialize in any one industry.