Update Policy

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The update policy for ROI Wiki is simple.

  1. There are no open and public registrations. This is not to keep you from helping on the wiki. It's to stop spammers. Due to the incredible destruction and vandalism committed by spammers, and those with malicious intent in the past, only registered users may update this wiki. To become a registered user, one must gain permission of the site owner. Again, this is not meant to keep you from helping update and maintain the wiki. It's to keep spammers from destroying the information here and undoing months and months of work, while also causing other issues, such as blacklistings and worse. Yes, it's really been that much of an issue, unfortunately.
  1. All pages on this wiki are set as "monitored". That means that any changes made will be reviewed by an admin for accuracy and professionalism. Again, it's not meant to "micromanage" anyone contributing to the wiki or even discourage such contributions. Instead, it goes along with what any good, seasoned writer knows. Namely, that two pairs of eyes are better than one. Even if you thought you got everything, having someone else with fresh eyes double checking your work helps immeasurably and aides you in doing the best job possible. It also helps to prevent malicious individuals who've slipped through the cracks from doing too much damage before they're caught and stopped. So this policy has two good benefits.
  1. Please do not use copyrighted images on this wiki unless 1) The belong to the owner, 2) you have permission to use them, or 3) they have received proper attribution. The last thing we need is to be sued for copyright infringement.

That's all at this time. I also want to give a big thank you to everyone who contributes, and thank you for helping make this wiki amazing! :)