Brayburn Society

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The Brayburn Society, colloquially known as simply the Society, is a community of scientists and intellectuals formed in the late 1500's to bring together all of the greatest and brightest minds on planet Earth into one place to both protect them from those who fear science and treat it like witchcraft, and to give them a place to express and explore their love of science without issue. Due to the great persecution that scientists and like minded people were suffering during this time, it was necessary, and eventually took on a life of its own. During this time, the Society made its first steps into space, and encountered a galaxy that was much fuller and more alive than they'd ever expected, bringing about events that eventually led to the formation of Earthfleet in order to provide protection for themselves, and Earth, in this brave new galactic world.

Eventually, as time went on, the persecution against the Society grew so great that they were forced to fleet to North America for a time, where they again hid their activities from both the colonists, and the local Native American populations, for nearly two centuries until, through the ever growing expansion of the United States and other groups, they were forced to flee Earth and take up residence in the stars, forming the first of the nineteen Mars Colonies that would eventually become their home. Even so, despite all of the trials and tribulations they faced during their existence, they still continued to advance their science, eventually surpassing even the most advanced races and societies within the galaxy. Even so, all throughout this time, they have always kept Earth's best interests in mind, even when Earth wanted nothing to do with them.