Chester Westman

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Name: Chester Westman
Occupation: Railroad Tycoon
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Mid 40's
Home: The Westlands
Height: 5'9"
Alliances: None

Chester Westman, along with his brother, Dell Westman are the co-owners of the Westman railroad company. Chester dresses like an old western style gambler and is very, very charismatic in his personality. He speaks with a strong southern accent and enjoys both making money, and living in luxury aboard his personal train coach, which he uses to travel all over the Westlands. He's neither truly villain, nor hero, but is instead a business opportunist, using every opportunity he can to enrich himself even more than he already is. Shortly after the sacking of Ruby, he moves into the now destroyed city with his men and promptly renames it Renata, after which he begins the realization of his life long dream of opening up a gateway to the north and all of its as yet untapped riches and resources.