First Dawn

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Title: First Dawn
Cover Artist: Don Semora
Genre: Military, Sci-Fi
Series: Earthfleet Extended Universe
Publication Date: December 2011
Media Types: Ebook
ISBN: 978-1937580896

First Dawn is one of several books in the Earthfleet Extended Universe and covers the early days of Earthfleet, as well as the events that led to its creation.

Back Cover Blurb

Thrown headlong into a vast, hostile universe, Edmond Clayton|Captain Edmond, and the crew of the Destiny, must learn the ways of the galaxy and return home safely to Earth, or risk their extermination at the hands of the Juinah.

Book Summary

After a quick introduction from the modern era, in the period after Mike Clayton's retirement from his job as Grand Admiral, The story flashes back to 1801, in the Boston shipping docks where schooner captain Edmond Clayton is met by two men from the Society who speak to him about joining their organization as a ship's captain. He's taken to the Brayburn Society colonies in middle America, where he's immersed in everything the Society has to offer. He then meets his future crew members, including Albert Lent, Maxwell Conner, Henrietta Taylor (who later becomes his wife), and several others. He's then given command of the Destiny, and they take their maiden flight into the stars. However, when they do, fearing what they might become, and possibly losing access to the rich resources of Sol Space, Za'gard takes the Destiny and hew crew hostage. However, this doesn't last long as a young Gayik'Von boy named Pelk helps them escape by stealing Za'gard's ship using the small, universal PDA he always carries. He then takes them to the base where his father is commander. After which they are remanded into the case of a Yandian librarian known as Six Paws.

Meanwhile, Za'gard successfully recovers his ship, but not before the Gayik'Von rig it with a hidden tracking device. Periodical infighting occurs between the various factions of the Juinah as they each struggle for power, and ultimate control of the organization. Even so, in the midst of all this, Za'gard plots his revenge against Edmond and crew. Back on Jalc, Pelk talks with his friends K'Vin, Taria and Viceroy about Edmond's crew. They come up with a plan, with the help of Six Paws, to refit the Destiny with warp technology, and new systems (the old ones got fried) so that, when they are finally released, all the humans can go home under their own power. As this is going on, Shanomar, a Nyuishian Red Paladin, works to both defeat Za'gard, but also secretly help Edmond and the others to achieve and acquire everything they need to do and achieve. In space a hunt continues for Edmond's crew as Za'gard seeks to gain his revenge. He even works with the other Juinah lords to come up with solutions. However, as they try, they're attacked by the Gayik'von, and their hideout is destroyed, along with much of the Juinah's strength. Only Za'gard, and a handful of his ships, survive. Back on Jalc, work is completed on the refit of the Destiny. However, in flight tests, they discover that a problem with engine harmonics, and the ship's own weak spaceframe, prevent them from going above a cruise speed of warp 6.

Escorted by the Gayik'Von, they return to Sol Space and are left off at the border of the solar system, after which the Gayik'Von depart. As the Destiny approaches Earth, they're jumped by Za'gard and his flagship. To their great relief they're rescued by Tay'Tan, who shows up with his destroyer, the Kal'eck. He then coordinates with the Destiny to help bring down the Vargah. But, despite their best efforts, the Vargah is too strong. Even so, the Kal'eck and the Destiny inflict considerable damage on the Vargah. Eventually two more Juinah warships show up, throwing the advantage firmly in Za'gard's favor. But, this advantage is only temporary as Gayik'Von reinforcements arrive and exterminate the two Juinah warships, saving the Kal'eck and Destiny at the same time. Za'gard flees to his secret home base, thinking he escaped the Gayik'von, and his rightly deserved punishment, but is still woefully unaware of the tracking device installed on it. Because of this a group of Gayik'Von battleships corner him at his base and destroy him and his ship. The Destiny then, after making repairs, returns to Earth, to the surprise of everyone, where Pelk and the others are introduced to the people of the Society for the first time. And, as they're celebrating Destiny's return, Sarah watches from a distance as she begins looking forward to studying the human race. The story then ends with an epilogue that gives a quick overview of what became of Destiny's crew, and the ship as well, which is now housed at the Society's starship museum and on display to this day.

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