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The Race of Offworld is broken up into 6 sections known as Hextants (hex = 6), each of which has a specific purpose along the course. Below is a breakdown of each hextant within the course.

The Hextants

Here is a breakdown of each Hextant and its purpose within the race.

  1. This is the first section, and serves as an introduction to the course, and the things one can expect up ahead. It's length is approximately 512 miles and ends at Golden Canyon.
  2. This section is designed with the intention of filtering out those who don't have the determination to go on, or to complete the race. The controllers would prefer to weed out these people early on to ensure that only those with the will and determination to win are permitted to enter the latter parts of the course. It is roughly 350 miles long and ends at the Flower Field.
  3. This section is focused around endurance and survival, and includes a long list of challenges that racers must overcome. But the biggest is merely being able to survive and endure to its end. It ends at the gateway to the White Mountains. It is roughly 2300 miles long.
  4. This section takes everything from the first three sections and combines them, increasing the difficulty and challenges several fold. This section truly separates the men from the boys and acts as one final filter to weed out those without the will to go all the way. It ends at the Golden Lands. It is roughly 2500 miles long. It begins with the White Mountains and includes other great obstacles such as the Great Sea, the ReusBerg, and other treacherous obstacles.
  5. This section, which is second from the end, is known as the "Golden Mile" or the "Golden Lands". This is a very short section of land, about 300 miles long, and contains the most delicious fruit, the most lavish cities, the best food, best hotels and homes, and luxury like you've never seen before. In a sense it's Pinocchio's island, and is designed with the intention of taking weary travelers and trapping them within the cities to encourage them not to continue on. After a time, those who choose to stay are turned into willing slaves who are tasked with enslaving others who enter this area after them. And, given all the hard living and suffering that most travelers will have faced by this point in the race, the luxuries and comforts offered in this area of the course are almost irresistible. Every pleasure that anyone could ever want is here. There are very few who ever escape its unrelenting grasp, and it's bottomless, irresistable temptations.
  6. This is the 6th and final section, and is only about 50 miles long. But it is the most difficult by far of any section so far. It is completely devoid of all life, all water, or any other creature comforts in complete contrast to the Golden Lands. In some ways it can be described as "Mordor on Steroids". It is the most brutal, barren, inhospitable place on Offworld. Travel is very, very slow, painful, treacherous and unforgiving due to the poor condition of the land, and any progress over 2 miles a day is exceptional. However, at the very end of this section, at the top of a blackened, tortured, forsaken mountain called the "Black Mountain" by those familiar with it, is the final checkpoint that, if touched, will end the race and send everyone home. IE, it's the finish line. The land in this area is so unbelievably difficult that it has defeated anyone and everyone who has ever tried to conquer it. Hence why the race has never been won.

Notable Cities

There are a number of notable cities within the six hextants of the race, with only the last hextant lacking any cities at all. The below list includes some of those cities: