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Title: Homecoming
Cover Artist: Don Semora
Genre: Scifi/Fantasy
Series: After Offworld
Publication Date: TBA
Media Types: TBA
Followed By: The Weyrs of Offworld

Homecoming is the first in a 3 book series called After Offworld that details the return of Simon Williams and his team from their adventures on Offworld, and their efforts to adjust to being home again, while also resuming their lives, and going forward into many wonderful adventures, while also serving as a means to provide a "happy endings" to everyone on his team.

Back Cover Blurb

Having won the Race of Offworld, Simon and his team now find themselves home again on Earth, just as though nothing had ever happened to them. But, that doesn't mean that their adventures are over just yet, as their time on Offworld now deeply overshadows and colors their new, and massively changed lives back on Earth.