The Weyrs of Offworld

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The weyrs of offworld.png
Title: The Weyrs of Offworld
Cover Artist: Don Semora
Genre: Scifi/Fantasy
Series: After Offworld
Publication Date: TBA
Media Types: TBA
Preceded By: Homecoming
Followed By: The Rise of Offworld

The Weyrs of Offworld is the second book in the After Offworld trilogy and covers the time immediately after The Race of Offworld is won, and all that entails for the planet of Offworld as viewed from the perspective of the Dragons. The story includes the final great acts of Zek, the redemption of Fallon, the redemption of Ophena, the dawn of Maggy's family, the rise of the weyrs, and much more.

Back Cover Blurb

The Planet of Offworld is free, the Syndicate defeated and banished from the planet, and the Dragons freed from their centuries long enslavement. However, despite their new found freedom, there is much to do, and little time in which to do it, to begin building the newly rescued planet into a world that the dragons, wolves and humans alike can love, and call home. With limited time remaining before his death, Weyr Master Zek must do everything he can to prepare Offworld for their new future, and leave behind for the residents of this planet a world they can all love and enjoy for generations to come.