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Name: Fallon
Species: Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: ~50 years old
Color: Off Green
Height: ~3' (when standing upright)
Specialties: Strategist
Alliances: Dragon Corps & Zek

Fallon is a young dragonoid of approximately 50 years old (which translates to roughly 5 years old in dragon years). However, despite his relative youth, he is extremely wise beyond his years, and very regularly undertakes missions for his grandfather, and the Weyr Master of Trond Weyr, the every wise and venerable dragon elder known as Zek. His parents are Adar and Kasett, who are also of Trond.


Fallon, despite being as young as he is, is physically immature in appearance and stature, and is half the size of other dragons his age, making him the runt of the litter. He is off green in color, and carries himself in a very cultured and debonair manner, even to the point of seeming smug and arrogant in some cases. However, where he lacks physically, he makes up for it in mental prowess and wisdom. He is often sent on missions by his grandfather that would be impractical, and ill advised to deploy other dragons on, due to the need for great stealth, and cunning, in their battle against their masters, the controllers.

Due to his physical immaturity, and under developed wings, Fallon is unable to fly. However, because of his small size, slightly less than half that of most dragons his age, he is able to easily use controller point to point teleportation technology to get around and move wherever he so chooses to. He also possesses the ability to cloak himself, and change his body mass to make himself heavier or lighter as needed. But, unlike adult dragons who carry a small quantum power supply within their bodies to power and maintain all of their installed controller technology, Fallon is too small to receive one yet, and thus is required periodically to return to Trond, or any other neighboring weyr, to recharge the energy cells that power his implants.

At first, Fallon's relationship with Simon's Team is strictly business focused with no real attachment to them. However, over time he comes to like them, and eventually becomes friends with Simon and the others, sometimes going out of his way, and even stretching the rules somewhat, in order to protect them as best he can within the rules and limitations placed on him and the Dragon Corps by their masters. He eventually employs several other dragons in this effort, whom also become friends with Simon's team, who include the likes of Magendra Tallenon (aka Maggy) and Garloond.

Fallon is very tolerant of those he encounters, knowing that he has no advantage in size and strength, being as small as he is. So he always expresses a great degree of diplomacy with everyone he encounters. The only thing he hates above and beyond all others, is being called "little one", as it too readily reminds him that, not only is he short and small, but he's also half the size of other dragons his age, being the dragon equivalent of a runt. The irony of this is, his small stature gives him a large number of advantages that a larger body would not. Even so, he very much dislikes being reminded of his small size.