Magendra Tallenon

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Name: Magendra Tallenon
Occupation: Dragon Soldier
Species: Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: ~198 years old
Color: Powder Blue
Height: Approximately 5' at the shoulder
Specialties: Combat, Flight
Alliances: Dragon Corps & Morten Weyr

Magendra "Maggy" Tallenon is the daughter of Shuman, who is the son of Narond. She is a very noble and elegant dragon, powder blue in color with fiery opal eyes and a gift for flight that surpasses most other dragons. Trained by her father in combat, and by her aunt Karuth in the art of flight, she is a powerful force to be reckoned with, although not as skilled in combat as some dragons, such as Garloond. Even so, she is very duty driven and does all she can to please her parents, although satisfying her mother seems to be an impossible task she is never quite able to overcome.


Magendra, later nicknamed "Maggy" by Aria of Simon's Team, grew up in the shadow of Morten Weyr. Even before she could fly, and while she was still a youngling, her father began training her in combat, not because he had to, but because he always worried about and cared for his children, and wanted them able to hold their own and protect themselves at all times. Especially if he couldn't be around to do that for them. And, while he was very firm, and almost harsh with them, it was done out of love for all of them. Her mother though, not so much. She loved her children but, unlike Shuman, she tended to live vicariously through her children, forcing them to take courses in their lives they otherwise didn't want to, leading to some childhood rebellion as a result. Due to this, Magendra often slipped away with her aunt Karuth, to get away from the family turmoil and friction.

In time, Karuth, having been instructed by Rathon, the master flight instructor for Reathrin Weyr, and being an expert flier herself, began to teach Magendra how to fly in the craggy walls of her home weyr. In time Magendra grew into an expert flier herself, nearly rivaling Rathon in sheer skill and ability of flight. Upon completing her Keltess, and seeking to ensure that all of her children were joined to a life mate, Magendra's mother tried to hook her up with Ahshone, but failed to do so as Magendra found him horribly boring. She also had a fleeting interest in another, younger dragon named Apoo, but that never went anywhere due to her parents strong objection to him. Later on, however, while out on an assignment from Weyr Master Zek to protect Simon's Team from the forces of the Unity Empire, she encounters Garloond, son of Ser of Kestrel Weyr, commander of the 5th order. And, while her personal preference tends to be towards red dragons, she is immediately struck by Garloond's handsomeness and quickly takes a liking to him, even though their relationship starts out a bit rocky.

Eventually though, she warms to him such that the two become close enough that they trade King Feathers with one another. Later on she is reassigned to Kestrel Weyr for a time by her father, less because he needed her there for any type of mission. But rather, upon hearing of her meeting with Garloond, and some of the events surrounding it, decides that both time away from her home (and her mother) would be good for her, and it might help her form a relationship with Garloond, as he would be a far, far better choice for her as a potential life mate than Ashone could ever be. Later on she teams up with Fallon, Garloond, and Pehkek for a variety of missions that not only put them in harm's way, but also secretly push forward the agenda of Zek and his quest for the freedom of everyone on Offworld.


When Maggy is first introduced into the story, she is very prim and proper, formal, and reserved due her upbringing and her parent's training. However, through her friendship with Simon's Team, and especially Aria, her walls of isolation slowly break down and she gradually opens up to those around her, seeking the love and friendship of others over her perceived duty to her parents and her weyr. And, while she still remains very noble, she becomes more personable and open to others, much to the pleasure of many. She also struggles with her seemingly split personality, with one side being that of a vicious, lethal warrior, and the other a kind, noble, respectable lady. Maggy dislikes her warrior side, but reluctantly accepts it knowing that it's both necessary and important, even though she dislikes it. At one point Aria helps her resolve the conflict of this duality by showing her how to put both sides of who she is to good use, and to the benefit of herself and others.