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Name: Zek
Occupation: Weyr Master
Species: Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: Approximately 1200 years old
Color: Fire Engine Red
Home: Trond Weyr
Height: 12'9" at the shoulders
Specialities: Strategist
Alliances: The Dragon Corps

Zek is the Weyr Master of Trond Weyr and a master strategist. He commands a Dragon Weyr of nearly 2000 dragons made up of two dragon orders, plus support personnel, and is the chief architect and creator of the plan to free the entirety of the Dragon Corps, as well as all racers, and possibly even all humans who are trapped on Offworld against their will, should that be possible. While he doesn't share the entirety of that plan with others, many know of his goals and desires for the freedom of all sentient life on Offworld, especially his own people. He is a survivor of the disaster at Mongangro Weyr, and has promised everyone he loves that some day they will all be free. And, while his masters, the controllers, are aware of his desires, they view him as both a loyal servant, and a foolish old dragon with delusions of grandeur and dreams greater than he is able to achieve. Zek is also unique in that he has opal colored eyes, which strongly contrast with the fire engine red color of his body. Zek is a fourth generation descendant of the great dragons who were originally created, by The Syndicate on the world of Ember several eons ago. He was also born on Ember, and later transplanted to Offworld by the controllers not long after it was terraformed. Zek is the son of Tampos, who is the son of Dreg, who is the son of Bimranth, the father of all dragons.