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Mongangro Weyr is one of the seven Dragon Weyrs of Offworld. It is not the first weyr to ever be established on Offworld, but it is certainly the oldest of those still in existence. All of the weyrs that predate Mongangro no longer exist, or have been destroyed. Mongangro is also an abandoned weyr, the result of the fallout from the great dragon rebellion of several hundred years earlier. While the weyr is no longer in regular use, its halls, tunnels and many rooms are still periodically used for various rebellious and clandestine purposes. The condition of the weyr is very bad, as it is in a very poor state of repair, slowly collapsing in on itself from years of neglect. It is eventually, once and for all, erased by the controllers to stop it from being used by the dragons for continuous, ongoing and clandestine purposes, forcing Zek, Shuman and several others, to find new places to meet to continue their efforts to win their freedom from their masters, the controllers.