Journey's End

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Title: Journey's End
Cover Artist: Don Semora
Genre: Christian, Scifi, Survival, Adventure
Series: The Offworld Chronicles
Publication Date: TBA
Media Types: Print (paperback) and Ebook
Preceded By: Troubled Waters

Journey's End is the seventh and final book in The Offworld Chronicles novel series and will cover the adventures of Simon and team as they close in on the end of the race, and take all that they have learned and experienced in the past two and a half years, and put it towards achieving the one thing they've been longing and striving for their entire journey: Winning The Race of Offworld.

Back Cover Blurb

Having conquered the Great Sea, Simon's team continues on their journey westward, through the Wendrock Mountains, and into the incredible dangers of the fifth hextant. But these are not the kind of dangers that one might expect. They are instead dangers of temptation, planted there to ensnare Simon and his team, and prevent them from continuing on. Will they be able to overcome these temptations, or will that land successfully trap them there forever? It's a struggle to the end, with freedom, victory, and a chance to return home to Earth awaiting them at the top of Black Mountain.


The story beings with a brief introduction to Rupert Wendle, and two of his traveling companions, Patrick Mackros and Clifford Pitts, as they begin their journey 17 years before the present day, showing that others went through much the same thing as Simon and his team did at the beginning. The story then flips over to Simon and his team as they're riding in the hybrid airship of Edias Carbuckle across The Giant Mountains. Along the way Sheobaal sabotages the ship, forcing it to land, after which he sends his Nephalim against it in an effort to exterminate Simon and his team as a means to raise his place within the Alien Brotherhood. However God, through the use of Aitok and Bathremel, foil this plan, allowing the airship to escape with all passengers and crew intact.

Upon landing on the other side of the mountains, Simon's team continue on until they come across the lands of the kingdom of Terifall. They are greeted at the gate, and introduced to Professor Beaufort Dodger, who requests that they join him at his estate. After being escorted by four soldiers of the kingdom to the valley in front of the city of Eryton, they meet up with the professor and follow him back to his estate. Along the way, and upon arriving, the team discovers that he knows way more about them than he should, or that they are comfortable with. There are other things that he does that also make them concerned as they seem odd and out of place. However, it's soon discovered that he's doing this to test them, and benefit them, as these things are for their good.

Eventually the professor offers to teach Simon's team anything they wish to know, in exchange for staying with him for the winter, as a means to protect them, as winter is not far away, and trying to traverse the Wendrock Mountains during winter, or even late fall, is difficult at best, and impossible at worst, and should they make it to the 5th Hextant shortly after winter begins, it would put them in even graver danger, as that hextant is best done in summer, as it's too dangerous to cross in winter, as one might become trapped there if they're not careful. Elsewhere Zek is busy preparing both Section 9, as well as his own kin, among others, for the great battle that is soon to unfold once Simon's team reaches the 6th hextant, and the Black Mountain as its end, where the finish line is located.

The following spring, after the snows had all melted, and it was once again safe to travel in the Wendrock Mountains, Simon's team takes off again and heads out towards the 5th hextant. However, upon arriving, they are briefly ensnared by the pleasures of the little village of Yarwin, at the start of the 5th hextant. After a week they escape and make their way across the hextant to the city of Hartcroft, where they meet Rupert, and his team, who then go with, and aid Simon's team in crossing the 6th hextant, and reaching the top where a battle royale, between the two primary opposing forces on the planet, namely Adramelech and his and Zek and his allies.

After a vicious battle across the top of Black Mountain, and after losing everyone else in his team, Simon struggles, and fails to reach the finish line marker, eventually passing out shortly after hearing a notice that the race had been won. He then wakes up up shortly after in a hospital room back on Earth and is told that only a few hours have passed, and everything he saw was merely a dream; a result of his having collapsed in the parking lot from being overtired. He is then given a month off by his boss to relax and recover.

Simon eventually returns home to relax, and recover from his brief medical incident, questioning deeply within himself if what he'd experienced was real, or if it had just been his imagination, as so many had already told him it was. It is at this moment that a car pulls into the driveway, which Simon goes to investigate, only to discover that its passengers are Aria and Trevor, his adopted children, confirming to Simon that what he'd remembered had indeed been true. The three then go into the house to begin catching up on all that'd happened to them since returning to Earth.

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