Troubled Waters

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Troubled waters.jpg
Title: Troubled Waters
Cover Artist: Don Semora
Genre: Christian, Scifi, Survival, Adventure
Series: The Offworld Chronicles
Publication Date: TBA
Media Types: Print (paperback) and Ebook
Preceded By: Dark Wanderings
Followed By: Journey's End

Troubled Waters is the sixth book in The Offworld Chronicles novel series and will cover the adventures of Simon and team on the waters of the Great Sea and the lands beyond.

Back Cover Blurb

Trapped in the White Mountains by the unforgiving expanse of the Great Sea, Simon's team must find a way across its vast waters, while escaping their enemies, as well as those of their benefactors, to reach the other side, and the next phase of their journey. It's a high seas adventure played out on the oceans of Offworld filled with pirates, bandits, dragons and more!

Awards and Reviews

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