Troubled Waters

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Title: Troubled Waters
Cover Artist: Don Semora
Genre: Christian, Scifi, Survival, Adventure
Series: The Offworld Chronicles
Publication Date: TBA
Media Types: Print (paperback) and Ebook
Preceded By: Dark Wanderings
Followed By: Journey's End

Troubled Waters is the sixth book in The Offworld Chronicles novel series and will cover the adventures of Simon and team on the waters of the Great Sea and the lands beyond.

Back Cover Blurb

Trapped in the White Mountains by the unforgiving expanse of the Great Sea, Simon's team must find a way across its vast waters, while escaping their enemies, as well as those of their benefactors, to reach the other side, and the next phase of their journey. It's a high seas adventure played out on the oceans of Offworld filled with pirates, bandits, dragons and more!


The story begins with Thancred and his men in hot pursuit of Simon's team to kill them. However, due to the recent revival that has begun sweeping across The Demesne of Kaspar, his efforts are repeatedly thwarted by the numerous angel armies who protect each of the cities and villages that are now filled to overflowing with new converts. As they try to catch up to Simon's team, Simon and the others are, in turn, busy trying to find a way across The Great Sea. With a little help from Angus, Simon's team are sent on their way to the pirate city of Bremen Te Barro. As they make their way there, the Chief Director begins his own plans to upset the brotherhood and bring their plans for Offworld to futility. This includes releasing the previously imprisoned Sheobaal, and sending him out to wreck havoc on the plans of Bathremel, and his former master, the infamous Azazel.

Elsewhere, Susan Wheaton and her team continue their journey, eventually arriving in Forlorian, and taking up shelter with Esther. The next day the rest of the team continues on with only Susan, Arthur Holland, Dexter Dramond, and Fredrick staying behind and taking up residence full time with Esther. The three young men then take up full time employment in Venodor to earn their keep. Meanwhile, after failing to hire a ship the first night that Simon's team successfully charters the Flying Coachman the next day, which then sneaks out of the city at night, in the midst of a flurry of confusion caused by Thancred's ill advised, and foolish attempt to invade the city in pursuit of Simon and his team. Thancred and his men are then captured by the soldiers of Manwan Despon and taken before him where the pirate king berates and scolds them, then sends them away empty handed in humiliation. Manwan then discovers later on that the Coachman has escaped from his city against his will.

He immediately dispatches his fleet, along with the powerful and highly feared Puffing Dragon, in pursuit of the coachman. Eventually the Puffing Dragon catches up to the Flying Coachman, and the two ships engage in a brief, but deadly firefight which leads to the total destruction of the Puffing Dragon, with only minor damage and injuries to the Flying Coachman. Not long after this, upon realizing that Simon's team is safe for the moment, Fallon heads out to Reathrin Weyr and successfully requests the services of Rathon to help him keep an eye on Simon's team, while also assisting him in protecting them as well. The Coachman eventually reaches its first stop at Neranago Island and takes on much needed supplies. However, using an excellent and crafty bit of seamanship, Despon catches up to the Coachman and nearly overtakes it.

However, the Coachman successfully escapes Despon's fleet and sails into the distance. But Despon knows where they're going and makes for their next stop, which is Meriter Island. However, as the Coachman makes for the island, Sheobaal, after a long search, locates the ship and tries to destroy it, but is thwarted by a cadre of protective angels. So he then creates a sea storm that damages the ship, but is unable to destroy it. The Coachman then makes it to Meriter Island and ducks out in a well disguised fjord that allows them to hide inside the island and not be detected. Once there, they use the tide to ground the ship for repairs. Then, while part of the crew fixes things, another part, along with Craven Lucius, the ship's boatswain, head into the heart of the island where they pick up their second round of supplies.

However, due to the delay caused by their need to make repairs, Despon catches up to them and surrounds the island, trapping them inside. However, due to an act of divine intervention, the Coachman is able to escape during the darkest part of the night and make for their third and final supply stop. When morning comes, Despon discovers that the Coachman has escaped and makes pursuit. The Coachman then makes one last stop at Macaman Island, picks up supplies, then makes for Grootwand at the far side of the Great Sea. Upon being told that Despon is on the move, Grootwand sends out their secret super ship, the Invictus Maneo, which eventually hunts down Despon's ships, and completely annihilates them in two lightning swift battles, ending the reign of terror of Manwan in the process. As Manwan sails to his doom, Kaspar sends out its fleet, and attacks Bremen Te Barro, and is soundly defeated. Upon returning, their entire kingdom is erased by the controllers in retribution for the attack, much to the pleasure of Maul Ratinar, who has wanted to see them gone for a while, but didn't have the power, or permission, to do so.

The Coachman eventually pulls into ReusBerg, but receives a very cold greeting from the city guard. However, before things go too far, Fallon and his dragon allies arrive and negotiate the safe passage for Simon's team, and also that he and James Remiru, the captain of the Coachman, might go before King Vejulus and plead against his many charges of piracy. With Fallon's help, Remiru successfully pleads his case, explaining in detail his reasons for what he did, as well as his recent change of heart, and is granted a pardon, and even a place in the king's own merchant navy. Simon's team, meanwhile, sets out of the city, across the land, to a large, fortified castle at the foot of The Giant Mountains, where they charter an airship across the mountains, and vanish off into the distance as Sheobaal sits on top of the castle and glares off at them as they sail away, quietly planning their demise as he does.

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