Dark Wanderings

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Dark wanderings.jpg
Title: Dark Wanderings
Cover Artist: Don Semora
Genre: Christian, Scifi, Survival, Adventure
Series: The Offworld Chronicles
Publication Date: August 2020
Media Types: Print (paperback) and Ebook
Preceded By: The White Mountains
Followed By: Troubled Waters

Dark Wanderings is the fifth book in The Offworld Chronicles novel series. This book continues the journey of Simon and his indomitable team through the White Mountains on their way to the Great Sea and the numerous, exciting adventures that wait for them there.

Back Cover Blurb

Deadly swamps, treacherous mountains and murderous enemies, more numerous than one can count, danger continually threatens Simon's team from all sides as they continue to press forward through the White Mountain. And the further they go, the darker things become. But, that darkness doesn't fall entirely on them, as changes are unfolding within the Syndicate that threatens to rip it apart from within and bring about positive changes on the tiny planet of Offworld that no one ever expected.

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