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The Nyuishians are, like the Crassians, transplanted humans from ancient Earth. However, they are self transplants from the Antediluvian period prior to the Great Flood of Noah. During a time when technology was simple, with horses, buggies, hammers and earth, they were making advancements in science and technology far, far above and beyond what their contemporaries were doing at the same time. This was partly because most people on Earth were too busy killing each other off rather than focusing on science in the same way as the people, who later became the Nyuishians, were doing. Eventually, seeing the writing on the wall, especially when Noah began building his ark, they quickly moved to build a ship to escape Earth, succeeding only a handful of years before the Great Flood, and were only preceded by the Weavers and the Murg, two other groups who were following the same pattern as the Nyuishians.

Upon the fall of Earth in the Great Flood, fearing that Earth was no longer inhabitable, the Nyuishians began a long, dangerous, yet ultimately fruitful journey through space to the nearby star system of Epsilon Eridan. Finding this unsuitable for long term habitation, they built up their resources again before eventually moving on to another, better planet some distance away. This one was a fully habitable, Earth like planet surrounding a yellow dwarf star, much like our own sun, tucked discretely between three nebula that hides it from discovery by all but the most determined explorers. In fact, it's so well hidden that, the only reason the Nyuishians found it, was due to a navigational error that put them close enough to the system to spot it while traveling at high warp. This hidden solar system allowed the Nyuishians to build a very large and complex society, all while staying hidden and protected from the numerous wars between the races that plagued the early galactic civilizations.

It was also these wars, and the countless wars of the Antediluvian Earth that drove the Nyuishians to form the Red Paladins, a top secret, highly trained covert operations organization created with the purpose of keeping peace in the galaxy through covert means, and without the need for warfare or violence to do it, save only what tiny little amount was needed to complete their missions. This way, by working from the shadows, they could strive to achieve peace in the galaxy, and safeguard themselves, and their future generations, in the process.