Section 17

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Section 17 is one part of the organization known as The Syndicate. This group is made up of humans from Earth, and are a major controlling influence on Offworld and are both partners with, and rivals of the Alien Brotherhood. However, unlike the Alien Brotherhood, Section 17 has been known by many other names (such as the "Govian Group") in the past, and has held alliances with numerous other individuals, including the CIA and others. Section 17 is also unique in the fact that its members do not have names. Only titles and codenames. In an effort to protect themselves from the Alien Brotherhood, any human wishing to become an agent of Section 17 must surrender their names, and from henceforth be known only by their agent number. The reason for this is that names have power, and can wield great influence over people. But, if an agent merely identifies themselves by a number, it greatly weakens the power that a member of the Alien Brotherhood can have over them. Section 17's primary goal and desire in creating the race was to study the ways and lengths to which humans will go to survive, even under the most impossible odd. This is in direct opposition to the goals and intentions of the Alien Brotherhood, who only seek to torment, torture and exterminate anyone they can who participate in the race.

Known Members