Maul Ratinar

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Name: Maul Ratinar
Occupation: Caretaker of the White Mountains, Chief Director (Retired)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: ~Unknown
Height: ~5'10"
Alliances: Section 17 & The Wolves

Maul Ratinar is the leader of the Wolves of the White Mountains and the former Chief Director of Section 17. And, while he no longer engages in the day to day activities of Section 17, he still retains all of the power and authority of an agent, but without the responsibilities. He originally left the position of Chief Director after a disagreement over how the race should be handled and ultimately run. He is also the savior of the Wolves who, in gratitude for what he did, are now his helpers. They were creations of the controllers, just like the dragons, but were considered failures and would have been destroyed if he hadn't taken them as his own. Since leaving Section 17, he has sworn himself to protecting the people of the White Mountains, along with his wolves, from all harm and danger, no matter what it is.