Sol Sector

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Sol Sector, or sometimes just Sol, is the area around our solar system and our sun (also known as "Sol") equaling approximately 5 light years in every direction from the center of our solar system. This is the area assigned to Earth and Earthfleet as their personal and wholly owned and controlled parcel of space. According to rules placed upon Sol by the UGW, nobody from Earth, or Earthfleet may leave the sector, except with special permission of the UGW, or on diplomatic errands, and only under escort.

The reason for this isolation is a shared fear among many in the galaxy, but not all, as around fourty percent of the galaxy fears and hates Earth, while the other approximately 60 percent either love Earth, or have neutral feelings towards it. Even so, the roughly forty percent who fear have successfully lobbied the UGW demanding that, if they can't destroy Earth and eliminate them as a threat, then they need to at least be quarantined to their space and not allowed to leave without permission and special escort in order to neuter the false, yet perceived threat that Earthfleet presents to them. The threat isn't real, but that still doesn't change the minds of this small, yet vocal minority of races.