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Name: Akhur
Occupation: Weyr Master
Species: Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: ~1100 years
Color: Off Gray/Dirty White
Home: Kestrel Weyr
Height: 11'7"
Alliances: Dragon Corps + Kestrel Weyr

Akhur is the Weyr Master of Kestrel Weyr and is a very pragmatic leader, unlike his cousins Zek and Narond. He is the youngest of the three Weyr Masters of the eastern weyrs. While not much is seen of him in the story, his weyr is pivotal in numerous events in the race. Even his prized commander of the 5th order, Garloond, plays a major roll in the events of Offworld. He also has a somewhat troublesome relationship with Zek's grandson, Fallon, who periodically does things that gets him in trouble. Even so, despite this sometimes rocky relationship, Akhur admires the young dragon.