Ambassadorial Towers

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The Ambassadorial Towers is a large, multi-level, multi-species residential and meeting complex that houses all of the ambassadors and senators for the UGW and covers an area of nearly 30 square miles, and over 300 stories, most of which are below ground, and includes housing for delegates of every species and their staff, as well as recreational and entertainment facilities, docking berths, the senate chambers, meeting rooms, food and beverage facilities, and much more. The facility also houses an impressive defensive system, shield dome, and counter battery defensive turrets meant to provide protection for the delegates and senators inside in the event of an attack on the planet, or the building itself. The upper seventy five floors, which are the only portion of the primary structure that sits above ground, aside from a wide array of outbuildings and other support structures and machinery, looks very much like a gigantic Hershey's Kiss, and covers an area nearly nine miles square, with the building itself being nearly three miles in diameter at its widest point.

To facilitate and ease travel within this massive structure, a complex system of trams and elevators are used to bring delegates, their staff, employees and visitors to any number of locations around the property. The structure also hosts a large, indoor arboretum filled with plants from all across the galaxy, and boasts a number of very nice, yet functional docking bays along the axial perimeter of the building near ground level that offers a place for small ambassadorial and presidential yachts and other small craft to land and disgorge their passengers when transport from orbit is either impossible, or not desired. The facility's living quarters are also divided up according to need and requirements between the four main species types and each is appointed and outfitted with furniture and appliances necessary to the comfort of each delegate and their staff. The environmental controls of each residence is also isolated from the primary complex, allowing safety and security for their inhabitants in case something should happen to the life and environmental control systems of the main building.

The Ambassadorial Towers also has a strong "no weapons" policy, preventing individual delegates and their staff from bringing any weapon into the building without express permission to do so. The only exception to this rule is for high level leaders from any of The Nine Ancient Races who either request or require the presence of their own armed escorts or bodyguards.


While the UGW represents nearly every race in the galaxy, which they do their best to accommodate within the Ambassadorial Towers, there are a few among those whose ambassadors call the towers their home that stand out among them. These include the Talgians, the Ahaktak, and numerous other major and minor races.