The Nine Ancient Races

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The Nine Ancient Races is a blanket term used by most within the Milky Way to identify the nine largest empires and republics currently in the galaxy. These races, however, may be called "ancient", but they are not necessarily the oldest among the stars, nor the first to achieve FTL space flight. They are merely the handful of large empires and republics, still existing in the galaxy, who were fortunate enough to survive the Great War of the Races, a conflagration of biblical proportions that saw the number of great races in the galaxy reduced from a one time high of fifteen, do to just nine, all of whom still remain to this day. They include the Yettish, the Angalorians, the Trepedor, the Tragarians, the Varnok, the Gayik'Von, the Yandians, the Gadal and the Pront. In total, these nine republics and empires control or claim ownership of over a staggering 92% of all inhabited space, but claim no jurisdiction over the Galactic Core, or the Neutral Space that surrounds its mysterious realms. Everything else, out to the very fringes of the galaxy, is theirs, save what few sectors are controlled by other, lesser races. Also, as a result of the peace treaty that was signed at the end of the Great War, the nine races agreed to divide up the galaxy between themselves into nine almost equally sized areas of space that each is given full control over. Also, due to their size, strength, military and economic power within the galaxy, they are given special treatment above the other races, which is done with the intention of preventing yet another great war that would almost certainly see up to 90% or more of all life in the galaxy exterminated. Thus, with this sword hanging over their heads, the nine races very often go out of their way to keep the peace between each other, as well as the other lesser races.