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The Angalorians are a mammalian race of the lupoid (ie, wolf) subtype and are also one of The Nine Ancient Races that rule the galaxy. The Angalorians are a warrior race, much like the Tragarians, but approach their warrior lifestyle and ways differently, focusing on honor and duty rather than simply looking for a fight for the sake of fighting. The Angalorians are also one of the four races, including the Varnok, Tragarians and the Pront who originally stood against Earth when they came to the forefront of galactic politics under the watch of the UGW. But, after proving to Angalorian Ambassador Gray Fang that they could be trusted without question, he in turn convinces his government not to fear the humans, and instead embrace them as friends and a kindred spirit, which many of the Angalorians eventually do. The Angalorian empire is located between Yandian and Pront space in the northwestern portion of the galaxy.

Known Angalorians